Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, especially teachers; the children are excited and energetic, there are pageants to prepare, class parties to facilitate, and gift exchanges to organize!

But as an educator you feel the weight of the responsibility of helping your students experience the joy of giving this holiday season.

Don’t stress! WOW has got your back!

Last year WOW helped more than 2,716 children gain access to education who could otherwise not afford government school fees, uniforms, or school supplies. For just $25, your class can make sure a child can go to school for a whole year—and your class can send this student a new or used book to fill the barren shelves of the school Library in Zambia!

Here are 5 easy peasy fool proof school and classroom fundraisers to help your class experience the joy of giving this holiday season:


  1. Skittles in a Jar– the old jelly bean in a jar contest all switched up! Donate a loonie (or a quarter) for each guess! Of course–the winner gets to keep the whole jar and your class will have sent a child to school in no time!
  2. Fish Tank Fundraiser– classes battle to fill up a fish tank with spare couch change—or better; students challenge the teachers to see who can fill the change jar faster!
  3. Pajama Day! Give your class a chance to stay in their comfies and not do their hair for the day! Charge a loonie to participate. Need to encourage participation–best p.j.’s wins a prize!
  4. Principal’s Challenge– let the students set the goal and challenge/punishment if the children are able to raise a set dollar amount!
  5. Movie Day-charge a toonie for a movie and a loonie for popcorn on a cold indoor recess or lunch for a Christmas movie in the gym or home room class.