What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Did you pack something for lunch? When you open your fridge what do you see? Did you make a grocery list at the beginning of the week and check out the local flyers for deals? Maybe you are inviting some friends over this weekend for dinner, or going to a favourite restaurant instead. Do you have options of what you can eat?

In our country we are surrounded by food- grocery stores no more than 5 km apart, restaurants within a 10 minute drive (or closer!), our kitchens are regularly stocked and if not they don’t stay that way long. A study done by Cornell University said we make 200+ food decisions in a day…200! How can we possibly make 200 or more decisions about food every day? Well, look around you. We have almost unlimited access to food.

What if that access was taken away? What if you not only woke up every day to empty cupboards but your entire community was void of food. You couldn’t go to the grocery store, it doesn’t exist. The farmers markets are all shut down, no harvest. What would you do? What would happen to you? Or your children?

This is reality for 780 million people in our world today, the highest prevalence rate being in sub-Saharan Africa. No access to food. None. For days children go without anything to eat. Babies are born malnourished because their mothers are starving during their pregnancies. This has lead to a crisis of maternal and infant mortality, along with severe acute malnutrition, if children live past infancy. A malnourished child cannot develop properly, their brains and bodies are stunted, they cannot go to school and learn. They will not be able to reach their full potential or contribute to society. Where do we think the next generation is going to come from?

Countries like Malawi – where people are already living in such extreme poverty –are prone to natural disasters. This is what we’ve seen in in 2016 and into this year: A drought that has wiped out two consecutive harvest seasons. Many have died, thousands are going days without any kind of food. Children are eating grass. Is this any way a human should live? Is this the way God designed life to be?

Our world is broken, we know that. It groans under the weight of sin as we wait for our Saviour to come and make all things new. Until this time God has chosen to work through His Church. That’s us. How will we respond?

WOW is responding, and we are thankful there are many other organizations doing the same. We have launched our second Emergency Hunger Response. This is one small drop in the sea of people crying out for relief. However, if we can reach one person, just one, with food to carry them until the next harvest season then we are doing our jobs. WOW works in many areas, one being small business training so people can have sustainable access to resources such as food, but when food is nowhere to be found we need to respond and meet that immediate need. Will you join us? Thousands of futures are currently threatened but we have this opportunity to do something.


“I like to come to preschool so that I can eat because I am hungry and once I am full then I want to learn.” – Joey, student in WOW School.

What if Joey did not receive a meal when he got to school? Could he learn? Would he even be around to go to school?

You can give Joey a meal today.