Dear friends. It’s Christmas, a time to celebrate the incarnation: God “taking on flesh and dwelling among us, full of grace and truth”. Kathy and I love this time of year, and we celebrate totally with our kids and grandkids.

BUT- we are so aware of the horrors of Syria, Yemen, and other war-torn nations in our world. Especially, our hearts go out to the Syrian orphans in Aleppo. As I, like you, watched and listened to those thirty little kids on TV last week pleading on camera for someone to rescue them, my soul was crushed. I prayed, “Dear Father please don’t pass them by!”

I wept as it was reported that all thirty of these precious orphans had been evacuated! Now, may they fall into the hands and hearts of loving people who will nurture them long term.

“Peace on Earth” has powerfully different relevancies. For the children of war it simply means no more bombs, and someone to tuck them into bed at night.

WOW, of course, is all about orphans and widows. For seventeen years we’ve brought their plight to you and you’ve responded with such faithful love.

I thank you. And I pray that the spirit of this season will “season” all of 2017.

We thank God for you.  Merry Christmas!