“…violence against women and girls remains one of the most widespread abuses of all human rights worldwide.” (Global Affairs Canada)

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

This is an issue that spans across cultures, religions and all socio-economic strata. WOW has seen horrific situations of violence against women and girls in communities where we work. We have responded by launching our Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Counselling program. Efforts such as this one are crucial. Violence against women is preventable, but prevention requires action. Take a moment to read the two links below. They describe the epidemic well.

One thing they do not acknowledge is the important role of the Church in fighting against this massive issue. One of our partners so rightly put it “the Church must be a threat to injustice.” This is truth. The Church is God’s plan to enact His justice in the world until Christ returns. Women are God’s daughters, His beloved. Violence towards them is a violation of God’s justice. Therefore the Church must respond. It is the Church that will be the greatest threat to violence against women if we do so. We cannot afford to remain silent.






You can support WOW in the work we are doing in fighting against Gender-Based Violence here.