Inspired, amazed, humbled, over-joyed and grateful. These are just some of the words that describe our sentiments about the generous people who give their time and resources to support WOW as we care for vulnerable orphans and widows in Africa.

One of these donors is Charlotte, the 9 year old daughter of WOW’s medical advisor Dr. Hyon Kim. Her story is inspiring and we would like to share it with you.

Last fall while Hyon was in Uganda she met our WOW partner Alice Achan who founded a school, for young mothers and their children in Purongo. Among the school’s many needs, Alice shared her hopes to obtain musical instruments to enhance the educational experience for her students. Hyon tucked that request away in her heart and wondered how God might use her to facilitate this hope.

Some time later Hyon’s daughter, Charlotte, approached her with the desire to run a fundraiser for WOW with her classmates at her local public school. Touched by Charlotte’s desire to do something for WOW, and remembering Alice Achan’s request, Hyon suggested raising money to buy instruments for the students at Purongo School.

Hyon’s hope was to not only provide Charlotte with an opportunity to serve God, but also to help Charlotte’s classmates learn about the needs in Uganda and to ignite a vision in their young minds that we can work together to make the world a better place.


Charlotte with her artwork she sold at the art cafe.

Charlotte got busy and created a powerpoint presentation to share the fundraiser idea with her teacher, principal, class parent representative and classmates. Everyone was supportive and got behind the project! A professional artist volunteered time to lead the students through a painting exercise and their artwork was sold at an after school art café. Encouraged by the success of this first event, Charlotte’s classmates then took the fundraiser to the rest of their school to get their support for a used book sale.

Through both of these events they raised $650.00 for Purongo school. However, Charlotte didn’t stop there. On her own initiative she made “Rainbow Loom” pen holders which she sold to friends and family allowing her to achieve her goal of $970.00.

Hyon recently wrote to Alice telling her the funds are coming to buy instruments for the girls at Purongo school. Now, young mothers will be able to learn music and discover their potential through the arts because of Charlotte’s generous heart and determination.

Reflecting on her fundraising experience, Charlotte said, “It’s good for kids to serve God when we’re young so we don’t fall away from Jesus when we’re older.”

Charlotte, you are an encouragement to the entire WOW team. Thank you!