Donors are critical to the mission of WOW, young and old. Last week I had the privilege of speaking to one of our youngest donors. Her name is Alison Brandt and in lieu of multiple gifts for her birthday Alison asked her friends to give a percentage of their gift money to WOW. The rest was put into a pool for Alison’s parents to buy her one present, a much desired American Doll.

Alison is only 6 years old yet her generosity exceeds that of many adults.

Alison with her American Doll

Alison with her American Doll

When I asked Alison what motivated her to give away what would have been her birthday presents she said she was excited by stories from her Aunt Rita (WOW’s Director of Projects and Programs), hearing about the work being done overseas. Her mother, Cynthia, followed up by explaining that 16 children were invited to the birthday party and a gift from each guest would be excessive. Cynthia wanted to use this experience to encourage her daughter to think of others, and teach her about needs vs. wants. What a wonderful opportunity to expand a child’s worldview!

The party was a great time- pizza, cupcakes and jumping on massive trampolines at Skyzone! Other parents liked the idea of donations instead of gifts for a birthday party, and some looked further into the work we are doing here at WOW! Overall Alison raised $140.00 dollars for orphans and widows. Thanks to her generosity we can serve more vulnerable people with the love of Christ.

Thank you Alison! We are encouraged and inspired by you!