Picture this: A family of seven children, ages 2 to 20, living in a remote village in Zambia. Their parents have died of AIDS leaving the children without care and access to basics necessities. Their grandmother is present but she is too frail to even take care of herself, let alone 7 grandchildren. Malnourishment has ravaged the family and the oldest child is unequipped to care for his siblings. He had no one to teach him how.

No access to necessities… Unknown and forgotten by the world…Far from help; A nightmare for most, but reality for this family.

But this is not the end of their story. Grace and mercy break into the darkness. It comes in the form of a WOW partner who travels to their village, and sees the devastation in this family’s life. The children are no longer unknown, forgotten or far from help. Now, there is hope. The two youngest are severely malnourished and are quickly taken to a clinic miles away. Our partner provides food for the others. He recognizes the desperate need of the family is much greater than he can meet in that single moment. The children need continual help, but so does our partner in order to respond.

WOW enters the story as our partner contacts us and explains the heartbreaking details of the families situation. Our partner needs funds- Access to resources to meet the needs of the children. We know we need to respond, because this is what we are called to do both physically and in prayer.

Now, it’s your turn to be part of the story. These children need you to join us. This is done in 2 ways: 1) Prayer– Pray with us as we call upon our Heavenly Father to bring healing and transformation to the life of each family member. Prayer is the most important and effective way we can respond to the immense need because we know the issue is far greater than ourselves.  2) Giving– When possible we are to meet the physical needs of the poor and vulnerable. We encourage you to pray about this, asking God if this is how He would like you to respond. Your gifts assist families like the one described above. You see, you are not giving to WOW but to children, women and families in vulnerable communities.

This story is sadly only a representation of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa. I hope this is not daunting but motivational since we know it is the God of the universe who rescues, restores and redeems. We simply come along side Him in obedience to what He has called us to do. Will you continue to journey with us in serving the orphan and widow?