In rural African communities, girls are often the most vulnerable to poverty, disease and abuse. Recently, WOW’s local partner in Malawi hosted a special girls-only youth event to help young women realize their full potential. Look below to see pictures and read some thoughts from our partner on the Girls Empowerment Camp.



I wish I were a fly on the wall, listening to the excited voice of a young girl as she tells her parents of the incredible time she had at the just ended Girl Empowerment Camp.



The 52 girls had the opportunity of listen to teachings on business, the power of education, the value of a woman, single motherhood and life’s challenges.



The Camp was put in place to increase the spiritual, social, physical, and economic strength of girls.




It is important for them to know that they are important, worthy, valued, beautiful and capable of achieving great things in life.


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The air was filled with excitement and laughter as they had a few surprises in store; pamper time as they painted each others nails as well as received new back packs with some lovely toiletries, a journal and best of all, a bible each!