Florence Banda was at the clinic with one of her five children. The little boy was seriously malnourished. It was there she heard of a feeding program offered by WOW’s local partner through the community preschool in Mtema, Malawi. Florence was desperately poor. She and her children would often go without eating.

Soon after her visit to the clinic, Florence sent her son to the early childhood education program. It was mandatory in order to receive the free daily meal. The mother quickly saw a dramatic change in her child. Not only did her son’s physical health improve, his whole demeanor changed.  The little boy was singing ABC’s and loved learning. He was filled with joy. Florence also became encouraged by her son’s growing faith and willingness to pray. She had not been attending church.

Impacted by her son’s experience at the preschool, Florence decided to join the Safe Motherhood group, also supported by


Florence Banda with two of her five children

WOW’s local partner. Through the group, she learned how to improve her children’s physical, cognitive and most importantly spiritual health. She greatly valued the encouragement from other mothers. They prayed for Florence and supported her spiritual growth. As a member of the Safe Motherhood group, Florence also became a beneficiary of the agricultural input program. She was given seeds and training in crop cultivation.

Engaging in WOW sponsored community programs has changed the life of Florence Banda. Her son, who had been very ill, graduated from preschool and is now in the 4th grade. She credits his early childhood education as a foundation for success in primary school. Florence now has household food security. The seeds planted have flourished and she is expecting a bumper harvest. Her children will no longer go hungry. For Florence Banda and her family, the future is bright.