I saw God in my life in a big way when I fell ill,” says Belita Wayson from Mgona, Malawi. In 2010 after becoming very sick, she chose to be tested for HIV. The results were positive. Doctors revealed she was also suffering from tuberculosis and asthma. At first, Belita refused to accept her diagnosis. As a widowed mother of three children, her life was already fraught with challenges.

In desperation, Belita turned to a pastor, sharing her story. He told her about the love of Jesus. As the minister spoke the young mother was so overwhelmed with the presence of God that she fell to the floor. Recognizing this as a divine encounter, she accepted Christ as her Saviour. For the first time since her diagnosis Belita felt her burdens lifted.

Some time later, when she became critically ill, Belita’s young children were left alone to care for her. They had to find piecework in addition to cooking and caring for their ailing mother. It was at this point that community Home Based Care volunteers found Belita. They took on the responsibility of caring for the mother and her children.

Engaging with WOW’s local partner in Malawi, Belita also became part of a group of people living with HIV and AIDS. There she began to learn from others who were living positively, receiving physical, emotional and spiritual care. Just this week Belita spoke to Rita Prins, WOW’s director of Projects & Programs. She is a transformed woman. The mother of three spoke of the joy she has experienced saying, “I’m really thankful for what the Lord is doing in my life.”