A profound encouragement came as the community gathered for a WOW event in Katuba, Zambia. The Village Headman Mushufwa said, “Ever since you came into this village and all the meetings that we’ve had with you, we have noticed one thing. You always put God first. And I’m saying that the God that you worship, let Him be the God of this village.”

Mushufwa’s name means: he who doesn’t take instructions. He changed his name to: he who KNOWS.

Richard Brown with Chief Mushufwa in Katuba

What a wonderful fulfillment of Jesus’ words, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

“That they may see your good works indeed!” Mushufwa certainly saw God in all that we did in his community. As a traditional leader who holds a position of great respect, his words carry much weight to every person living in Katuba.

Pastor Eric Mwambelo, one of WOW’s Zambian partners, summed up this sentiment perfectly at the conclusion of our community transformation conference in Chingola, Zambia… “I pray that our churches are solutions centres. If people are sick, they are healed. If they are hungry, they are fed. If they are depressed, they are encouraged. I want you to remember 5 points I will leave with you today.

1. Live for others

2. Live for others

3. Live for others

4. Live for others

5. Live for others.”

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