Behind the visible impacts of poverty (hunger, sickness) there lurks an invisible destroyer of human life – the permeating and hopeless feeling of worthlessness. Poverty robs persons of their dignity. It steals freedom and hope. It spiritually destroys.

Irene Molotoni remembers what that felt like. As a 42 year old widow in Mngwangwa, Malawi she lived a life of uncertainty, worry and daily struggles with no income and no way to support her children. With no one to help and no where to turn, she sought refuge with the WOW widows’ group in her community. She started learning about the Word, about the love of her heavenly Father, and came to the realization that God sees her, knows her, and loves her.

That’s when she said her life transformed from the inside out.

Irene passes along her tailoring skills to young men in the youth group

Three months ago she started tailoring training and hasn’t stopped practising her skills since. In fact, she has excelled to the point of becoming a trainer to other youths who wish to learn. The momentum of the widows’ group is palpable.  Irene looks forward to the possibility of the group opening a shop to sell all their handmade goods.

The smile on Irene’s face speaks volumes. This is a woman living a life of purpose. This is a woman who knows that through Christ, she has value and is worthy!

– – – –

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