Some of you may have noticed “medical transports” as one of the ways we serve vulnerable orphans and widows in our WOW Communities. To illustrate just how important this is, we’d like to tell you about Margaret.

Margaret is an an elderly widow in Njewa and one of our home-based care patients. This means that at least once a week, local home-based care volunteers visit Margaret and to bring her food packs, small necessities when available, and most importantly, spiritual encouragement.

The home-based care teams are critical to the sick and vulnerable. They are lifelines to personal connection, comfort, and in Margaret’s case, medical intervention. Having noticed Margaret’s condition increasingly worsen, her home-based care volunteers managed to enlist the help of Dr. Kalanda who recommended she be transferred to his clinic immediately. Her kidneys were failing.

(Left) Dr. Kalanda assesses Margaret’s condition. (Right) Home-based care volunteers assist Margaret into the vehicle.

Immediately, because of the WOW Community support, we were able to transport Margaret to the local clinic. Today we are thrilled to report that Margaret is stable and a kidney specialist will be handling her case soon. Without this kind of intervention, Margaret’s condition would have likely proven fatal.

We couldn’t help but remark, “Don’t you just love how God works?” God sees every widow and orphan. He knows each one by name, including Margaret.