Every workplace and industry has it’s own “language” or “jargon” that to outsiders, isn’t so straightforward in meaning. As a charitable ministry, we are no different.  In a recent article about nonprofit sector buzzwords and jargon, we had to smile in un-surprise at the phrase claiming the number one spot on the jargon list: “capacity-building”.

Admittedly, we have used that phrase on more than one occasion, often in reference to our purpose of “building the capacity of local African churches to care for orphans and widows.”

But what does capacity-building mean exactly?

Well, rather than provide you with a wordy definition which you could easily Google yourself, we want to share a poignant, real-world example.

Lu learning about tree planting

This is a picture of Lusubilo, she is the manager of income-generating and agriculture projects for Somebody Cares, our local Malawian partner. We’ve recently arranged for her to spend a few weeks in Kenya at the Mully Children’s Family (MCF) farm, a highly successful and organized farming project that generates income, employment and sustainability for MCF. Lusubilo is gaining advanced knowledge for larger-scale agriculture projects and told us when she sent this picture that she couldn’t wait to get back to the WOW Communities in Malawi to begin implementing the things she has learned.

To us, “capacity-building” is about investing in our local church partners on the ground. It is about giving them the tools, skills, resources and knowledge to help more orphans and widows.

If you would like to build the capacity of local African churches, considering partnering with WOW today!