How far would you go to hear the Word of God?

Walk around the corner? Drive 15 minutes downtown? Or you may simply sit down at your computer to watch a podcast.

Levitala made us think hard about the distances we would go to hear God’s Word. At 81 years old he’s made a 5km trek every Thursday since 2013 to hear God’s Word at the WOW widows’ bible study group in Mngwangwa. Then, soaking it all in, he makes the 5km trek back home to share the teaching with his wife, who is unable to walk such long distances.

This elderly man in rural Africa walks 10 km in one day, every week to hear the Word of God. When our partners remarked to him about this great distance he said, “The Word of God that I get is much more important than the distance I have to travel.”

This year, he wants to help other men grow spiritually by bringing them to the group. Soon, there could be more than one man making the long journey with him.

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