Maria is 65 and lives in Pambazana, Zambia. She should be in her golden years, but her two grandchildren relay on her for care. Unfortunately, a backache, a cough and chest pains are preventing her from properly caring for her young grandchildren.

Maria’s story is common in communities like Pambazana. Children who have been left orphaned by the HIV & AIDS crisis are dependent on older relatives for survival. This has shifted the burden of child rearing onto grandparents who are not always strong enough to provide proper care.

Maria speaks with our nurse, Suitbertha, at the mobile medical clinic.

The closest clinic is several kilometers away, and not within easy walking distance for Maria. To provide for her grandchildren she needs easy access to medical care.

Luckily, Visionledd’s mobile medical clinic comes to Pambazana and Maria is able to receive the medical attention she needs without traveling long distances. After speaking with our nurse, Suitbertha, Maria receives medications for her back and chest pain as well as a cough mixture. Now she is able to tend to the fields so that she and her grandchildren can eat.

These mobile medical clinics help Maria and others like her. By providing medical care in their communities, Visionledd and our medical clinics, are ensuring so many people access life-saving medical care.