For Elina, life seemed to be falling apart at the seams. Her husband had unsteady work in their village of Pambanzana, Zambia, they struggled to feed their 6 children and their house leaked everytime it rained. Elina needed something before everything came apart. So God gave her a needle and some thread to stitch her life back together. When Visionledd started a sewing program in her area, Elina was thrilled. She had always wanted to learn how to sew, but the opportunity never came. Until, of course, now.  Twenty-five women, including Elina, were trained to make the uniforms for the local school.

This sewing group functions as a co-operative. Right now, all profits are invested back into the co-operative to purchase materials and equipment. Once they have made enough sales to cover their costs, the women will split the profits amongst themselves. This collective mentality is an important part of the program model. It serves as the foundation of the project because when the women work together, they are stronger. The women come together in the mornings and begin their training with a Bible study and worship session. These morning prayer sessions are good for the women’s spiritual growth and to encourage a positive working environment.

Elina has learned to sew and now can earn an income for her family. 

Elina likes to sew and she enjoys working with the other women. She has a source of income and a skill that allows her to earn money and financially support her family. With her income and her husband’s, they are able to afford food and supplies to fix up their home.  It all “seams” to be good for Elina. She is grateful that God placed Visionledd in Pambazana and that we are working in her community and providing opportunities for her. Because God gave her the ability and the chance to work, she can see the path out of poverty and into prosperity.

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