Febby has a lot of health problems.

She has been seriously sick and she was just hospitalized for TB. She has a collapsed spine from a degenerated disc because of the number of TB infections. She is also HIV positive. At 27 years old, she has the body of someone much older. It hurts to walk, to sit, to lie down and it limits her ability to work.  She used to live with her sister, but they couldn’t

Febby (right) with her home-based care worker (left)

afford the rent and the landlord evicted them. When the new tenant moved in, they said Febby could stay with them. This was Febby’s first experience with God’s grace. Her parents are dead and her two children live with relatives because Febby could not afford to keep them with her.

She hasn’t seen them since February 2013. It is a challenging situation for anyone, complicated further by her severe health issues. Febby’s life was pretty difficult before Visionledd identified her. Febby’s sister did not care for her health-plagued sister in a loving way. She forced Febby to sleep on the floor even though she had a double bed. It wasn’t until home-based care workers starting visiting Febby that she felt loved, encouraged and cared for. Through Visionledd the home-based care workers were able to secure money to pay for her medical care. However, most critically they got her nutritious food to eat. Without this food, Febby’s medications were ineffective, but with three nutrient rich meals a day, she is getting stronger. Febby is still too weak to walk to church, so the home-based care workers bring church to her. This helps with Febby’s spiritual health. Her relationship with Jesus has deepened and she is beginning to understand His love. It’s still a long road ahead for Febby, but thankfully she has people to support her now.


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