HIV & AIDS has devastated whole communities in Africa. This disease has severely strained the capacity of clinics and hospitals all over the continent. HIV & AIDS is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the immune system and, as a result, victims are prone to secondary diseases. People who are living with the virus are likely to develop cancer, skin lesions and many other illnesses and ailments.  Healthcare professionals are not just dealing with HIV & AIDS, but all the potential diseases that can go with it. The task to care for these people is overwhelming.  That’s where Visionledd stepped in for Sikuanzwe.

We’ve partnered with the local government clinic to relieve their staff of this incredible burden.  We’ve provided trained healthcare support workers to address primary care concerns, both in the clinic and in the community. We shoulder these healthcare issues so that the government staff can focus on antiretroviral therapy (ART) for patients and ensure their CD4 (white blood cells that fight infections) count is strong. The trained healthcare volunteers also work in the community by bringing healthcare to patients’ homes.  As well, they educate people on how to avoid contracting HIV & AIDS and how to prevent spreading the disease.

The government clinic doesn’t have the resources to pay for medications other than ARVs. Visionledd stocks their cabinets with medicine such as anti-fungal ointments for skin lesions, painkillers for muscle aches and anti-biotics for infections. To people who are often suffering from multiple ailments, these medications are a gift from God. And it is God. He is using Visionledd and you to alleviate people’s suffering. Through Him, HIV & AIDS doesn’t have to shatter the community of Sikuanzwe.

To get immediate updates on community support, text “JOIN” to 437-8000-437.  

People wait outside the clinic to be seen. Often they wait for a long time, in the heat while very sick.