Growth, expansion and change – there are some exciting things that are happening at Visionledd. It is with both happiness and sadness that we say goodbye to the community of Kawale, Malawi. Visionledd has been working with this community for five years and in that time we have seen a dramatic transformation. With your help, the community’s Life Centre has thrived and been a hub of spirituality, education, healthcare and support. Visionledd and our partners feel that we’ve built the capacity of the leaders in Kawale and that they can assume complete responsibility for the well being of the community and continue the existing programs. As well, a strong spiritual foundation has been laid to ensure God’s  message of love and tolerance is upheld in this community. It is important that in each area we work in, we build up the ability of the local leaders and our local NGO partners. That is why we always make sure to train locals in every program, who can take over when the day comes for Visionledd to leave. That day has come for Kawale. We are proud of what this community has been able to accomplish and we are confident that this community will continue to flourish.

It might be cliché or even cheesy, but none of this is possible without you. You are our partner and your constant support and faith has been appreciated throughout our time in Kawale. “You’re a lifesaver” is a common phrase in Canada, but in this instance, you are literally a lifesaver. You’ve given a small, rural community the gift of hope, optimism and demonstrated God’s love for the poor and the vulnerable. Previously, Kawale’s people faced unimaginable hardships that were consequences of poverty, perpetuated by the AIDS pandemic. Now, children are in school and are able to concentrate because they have eaten. Widows are able to support their children and see a future for them. You’ve made this happen. As we move out of Kawale and into Mandala, we want to thank you for your continued support.

Our new community, Mandala