Mngwangwa underwent a dynamic transformation in the past year, and the passionate group of young people played a major role in this shift. Mngwangwa has earned a reputation as being one of the most flourishing communities in the area. So intriguing that people and traditional leaders from surrounding places come to see and find out for themselves why such a radical difference has taken place. Widows are earning a living, vulnerable children are growing healthy and obtaining an education, traditional leaders are working collaboratively, not competitively for the good of the community, and young people, who so often in Malawi struggle to find work and purpose, are running businesses successfully! If you were to ask the people of Mngwangwa the reason for this change, they would tell you one thing – “God.”

Through Visionledd’s local partner, ongoing Bible teaching, training and support has raised up a new generation of young Christians who define success not by how much they can improve their own lives, but by how much they can serve and help the vulnerable in their community. The multipurpose centre, run by the Mngwangwa youth group, is the most obvious symbol of this renewal and hope. Now completed, the youth run a number of small business ventures such as a tea room, barber shop, grocery store and TV video room where patrons can pay to watch football matches on a solar-powered system. The businesses are doing well and the young staff receive salaries for their work. Soon, the youth group hopes to invest in a piggery addition – a venture that would increase profits enough so they could help support the daily feeding program, home-based care program and more. For now, the multipurpose centre provides much needed employment and a headquarters for the numerous evangelism and outreach programs the youth organize. From thatching widows’ roofs, digging pit latrines, holding prayer vigils and conducting door-to-door evangelism, the youth in Mngwangwa are on a path of exciting transformation!


Youth preach the gospel and use their biblical training to teach others about Jesus.