Emily, 28, is expecting her third child and, like most moms, she is excited. Except this time her pregnancy is much easier because she has joined the Safemotherhood Program in her community of Mgona, Malawi.

Emily and her baby are much safer because of the Safemotherhood Program.

This program caters to pregnant and lactating mothers who want the best for their baby, but often cannot afford to seek medical attention. Through this program, women are taught the importance of proper nutrition, family planning and develop income-generating skills so they can provide for their children.

Emily health has improved since she joined this program. Now that she has a safe space to talk about her pregnancy, learn about what is happening to her body and develop skills, Emily feels supported, cared for and empowered.

She wants to open her own business so that she can buy nutritious food for her family.

When mothers are cared for, the entire family benefits!