The following reflection was written by Colleen So, a participant on the 2013 WOW Mission Trip to Zambia


Colleen carrying heavy bags of food for home-based care

“The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!” (Psalm 18:46)

It has been a privilege to serve God through partnering with Visionledd and the local church in Zambia. There were many stories and events that happened, but here are a few highlights that stood out for me:

  • Praising God in song and dance and hearing the Word preached at the church in Katuba and at the Christian Care Centre in Kabwe
  • Sharing from the Word and providing encouragement to patients in Home-Based Care visits
  • Building relationships with the widows/ orphans and serving with the local churches, Kabwe Home-based Care and the Visionledd missions team
  • Seeing God work through His provision, protection, transformation and healing. We said yes to serving Him and it was God who made it all happen, answering our prayers and providing all that we needed (and more!) for the trip

Colleen presents a home-based care patient with a memory book she created. Memory books contain photos, family information, and colourful words of encouragement.

I am in awe of the Church in Africa. Even though the people in Africa had less materially than people in North America, their vibrant faith and daily reliance on God for His provision made me feel like they had much more than I did. I came back wanting more of Jesus, wanting to seek Him in every moment, to know Him more… because I desired the same level of faith and deep relationship with Christ many of these people had. Especially in meeting men and women on the brink of death, the hope of Jesus Christ was what gave them strength for each day, and they possessed such a deep joy because of it.

The experience reminded me of the importance of building relationships. This is how we share Christ with those we love, because it is such great news and it is the truth; Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we can experience true freedom, so we can have an eternal relationship with Him. I have much to learn in trusting God in being bold and sharing more of Jesus in and through my life.

One of the changes that God has placed on my heart was to make it a priority to seek Him daily through the Bible. I’m not a very disciplined person so I would often forget/ neglect/ procrastinate or be a bit half-hearted in the process. Upon recommendation from my sister, I joined a weekly women’s Bible Study group with the desire to grow closer to Christ through daily study in His Word. We are currently studying the book of Matthew and it’s amazing to me how God speaks each and every week through the readings, teaching and sharing. Another thing God has put on my heart was a desire to the serve the poor in the suburbs. I’m praying for an opportunity to connect with a local church/ organization to do that and to be able to share Christ with those around me. It’s a daunting thing for a natural introvert like myself, but I know God will provide in His time and equip me with all that I need, just as He did on this trip for all of us.

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