Community transformation is not an overnight event – it is a process that takes place in God’s time, through the people that God calls and equips. Challenges arise whenever God’s work is carried out but the leaders of Chibanga have formed a unified team to oversee and support all of the community programs that are leading this community on a path of positive change!

Consisting of five village headmen, the head teacher of the community school, a chairlady, and five other community leaders, the official support of traditional village leadership is absolutely critical to long-term project sustainability. Noticing that there were gaps in certain areas, this team ignited a fire in the hearts of the Chibanga community so that everyone, no matter how poor, takes ownership for their role in community transformation.

Though the parents of the students at Chibanga’s community school have very little, they gathered enough resources and materials to make some much-needed repairs to the floors of Little Canada community school (as it is affectionately named). Visionledd provided funding to build the school back in 2008, and like all Visionledd projects, the school officially belongs to the community. In repairing the school floor, the parents have demonstrated their commitment to taking ownership for the continual maintenance and upkeep of the school – regardless of outside funding.

The widows of Chibanga are another group that is answering the call to take ownership of their role in community change. Realizing how desperately another teacher was needed for Little Canada community school, they have temporarily converted their meeting and sewing structure into a teacher’s home – giving up this space until another teacher’s home can be constructed. For the Zambian government to send a qualified teacher to Chibanga, the community had to prove an adequate teacher’s home was available. The widows’ sacrifice has given the children another much needed teacher!