Lovemore training community leaders in Kapiri, Zambia

This week we received a heart-warming update from one of our Zambian partners, Lovemore Zulu. Lovemore runs Community Health Evangelism (CHE), a grassroots initiative that trains community leaders to to use the resources they have to positively impact and transform their villages. Lovemore is a regular speaker at our African conferences and over 3,400 conference attendees have gone on to take part in the CHE program since 2009.

We were happy to learn from Lovemore that the CHE program is flourishing across dozens of communities in Zambia. Before the support from Visionledd, Lovemore was active in just eight communities. Today, he is active in 64 and that number continues to grow! As part of the program, Lovemore and his team requires the trainees to initiate a community project, aimed at ministering to vulnerable persons.

The CHE group in Kapiri, for example, are working to help disabled persons in their community and planning to supplement food to people who are HIV positive this summer. As you can see in the photos, this team of community leaders constructed homemade, durable scooters to help persons with physical disabilities navigate the rugged terrain with ease.

The CHE program is one of the most effective ways to mobilize community transformation. Through this program we form important relationships with local champions that open doors for greater interventions. Lovemore told us, “God is seeing his children get help through the work you have helped to happen. God bless Visionledd for making it possible to be where we are now.”

And God bless Lovemore, his team, and the thousands of community leaders across Zambia who are standing up for the vulnerable in their communities!