The WOW Christmas party was winding down in the rural community of Twafwane. It had been a day of laughter, joy, and celebration as over 400 children received new school uniforms, supplies, and a nutritious meal. God was working in this little village and the foundations for a new school were evidence of His faithfulness.

As the sun was setting behind the trees the Visionledd team stumbled upon a bright-eyed, but reserved boy enjoying his very first WOW Christmas celebration. We learned his name was Emmanuwel (yes, spelled with a “w”) and after passing grade five near the top of his class, the government schools were no longer willing to teach him. Emmanuwel was born with deformed arms, they reasoned, what was the point of teaching him?

With no access to government education, Emmanuwel’s dream of becoming a doctor seemed impossible. He had a thirst to learn but nowhere to go. But that changed last summer, when Visionledd partnered with local community leaders and through generous donors, initiated the construction of a proper school facility for students who, like Emmanuwel, cannot access government education. The foundations for this new school were being poured that very day we met young Emmanuwel.

(Top) Inside community school classroom (Bottom) Young student (Right) Current Twafwane school

The current Twafwane community school was constructed with mud bricks and a grass roof back in 1996. This small, two-room structure struggles to accomodate the 400 community students in Twafwane. For mainly financial and distance reasons, these students cannot go to proper, government-run schools so parents and leaders in the community did what they could with the resources they had.

Now, Visionledd has the privilege of coming alongside this community to lift their efforts to greater depths of change. Last year, a borehole was drilled for access to clean water and this year, the new school facility will be constructed. Once proper facilities are available, the government of Zambia will send and pay for qualified teachers to educate the students. What an amazing impact this will have on the community students and their families!

But the transformation in Twafwane runs much deeper than a school and a borehole, this is a community that desires to know and follow Christ. At the centre of this transformation lies a new church plant, initiated by the village headmen and parents, who asked Visionledd’s Zambian partner Pastor Eric Mwambelo to come and teach them about the Word. As Twafwane headman Godfrey Chandwe told us, “The best gift anyone can give to Twafwane is the Word of God.  You can bring medicine, food, and education but the best part for us is to learn to follow Jesus.”

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