In July 2012, Mrs. Chibinda decided to form a group for vulnerable women and widows like herself in the village of Shikambo, Zambia. Meeting together to study the bible and find hope in God’s promise, the women called their group the Sansamukeni women’s club, which means “rejoice”. Leading was not always easy for Mrs. Chibinda, years of poverty had left physical and emotional marks on these women that would take time and supernatural strength to heal. Despite their struggles, they continued to rest in God’s Word and pray that one day, God would help them implement their plans for a better future. 


Hope came just one month later, in the form of a WOW short-term missions team from Visionledd. After meeting the Sansamukeni women’s club and hearing about their plans for a brighter future, they decided to invest. And so, the  Sansamukeni women’s club garden was born!

Propelled by the encouragement and blessing of the short-term missions team, the women went to work quickly. Toiling day and night, they ploughed an acre for their first garden all by themselves because they didn’t have the money to hire men. The initial investment allowed them to purchase tomato, okra, eggplant, and cabbage seeds. Spurred on by the donation of some tools from a Visionledd donor, their first harvest was a resounding success!


People from the Shikambo village are buying fresh vegetables from the Sansamukeni women’s club. Some of the women have even become “sales ladies”, going into neighbouring villages and selling okra and egg plants to places that have none. Profits from these sales have allowed them to reinvest in the garden, adding crops of soya, beans, and sunflowers in three additional acres. They hope to use the next round of profits to invest in a manual oil press that will make cooking oil from the sunflower seeds!

Luke 8:15 says, “As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.” By working together and rooting themselves in God’s love, these women have carved out a new future for themselves, a future full of hope, purpose, and promise. Their hard work, determination, and stewardship reminds us that God can use even a small investment in seeds to change and transform lives.

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