Children praying at the community centre in Mgona, Malawi

I’m just now calling the churches that hosted a “WOW Christmas” fund-raiser this past year. Seventeen participated. Awesome! I try to impress upon these congregations the profound impact their generosity has. For example:

One of our first WOW communities a few years back was (and is) Mgona in Malawi. When we first connected, Mgona was a deeply impoverished community of mainly orphans and widows. They had virtually nothing and were living without the most critical need, hope. Our strategic partner in Malawi, “Somebody Cares”, started working there. Together we built a community center, humble but effective. Then we drilled a well. Then we began a preschool for orphans. Then we started feeding the kids. Then we began training the widows in income-generating skills (tailoring, tie-dyeing, jewellery-making, soap-making, pig and goat raising, maize farming, candle-making). And, while this was going on we began bringing local pastors in to teach basic Bible with everyone and to minister to spiritual needs.

The result? Total community transformation. Mgona is now a leading community in that area of Malawi. It’s full of joy, hope and promise. Because of Jesus AND these terrific north-American churches.

The Mgona story is one of several that can be told. It is SO fulfilling to play a part.