January is always fascinating. Mainly because it’s always a month that begins with the highest of ideals and ends with “business as usual” (think “resolutions” here). January 1st: “I’m staying away from chocolate”; Jan 31st: “Well maybe just one”. We all can fill in the blanks. But the intent tells us something about ourselves, just as much as the back-sliding does. The intent says we hope for a better world. The backslide says, “dream on”.

But we are built to dream. It’s profoundly in us to see a better world on the horizon, to imagine great deeds, to envision the release of captives, the healing of nations and the overcoming of injustice and the relief of the poor. The Bible says we’re created in God’s image – the very image that dreams those dreams. Indeed, we don’t really find satisfaction in life unless we’re pursuing the “far horizon”.

This is why so many of us are drawn to a ministry like Visionledd. It provides a vehicle upon which our dreams can ride. It also gives us a “workplace” (like Africa) where we can focus our dreams in sustainable change and lasting good. And, it enables us as Christ-followers to practise His love. Rather than “make” a resolution on New Years Day, we “live” the resolution every day of the year. How cool is that!