We’ve heard conflicting reports about AIDS these past few weeks. UNAIDS tells us there’s a slight decrease globally in infections this past year, while America’s ministry of health says infections are up appreciably among American young adults. The decrease is attributed to increased awareness and access to antiretrovirals in the developing world. The increase in the USA, ironically, is attributed to ignorance and stigma and discrimination. Amazing. It’s like there is a reversal of the situation 10 years ago when America was “aware” and Africa was “ignorant and fearful”.

It troubles me that UNAIDS says nothing of India. When Kathy and I met with UNAIDS in Geneva a few years ago we told them about some “primary research” I had done with three hospitals in India. The Indian doctors told me that there were no official studies done as yet, but each hospital, independent of the others, said the same thing: Their estimate of infection prevalence was anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 percent! Say it’s “only” two percent. What’s two percent of 1.2 billion people?! I have felt for years that Visionledd MUST begin work in India. God willing, 2013 is the year. And while we do, we will continue our utmost in Africa and the Canadian Arctic. Oh yes – we’re chartered in America as well. We need to up our efforts in that wonderful and needy land.

HIV and AIDS are not going away. Neither is Jesus.