Kathy and I have just returned from Arctic Bay in Nunavut – 700 miles (1200 kms) north of the Arctic Circle.

(Top) Two views from the airplane Kathy snapped while flying over Nunavut (Bottom) A dogsled team resting up in Arctic Bay

The beauty is breathtaking. No trees. Just multi-colored vistas, mountains, and tundra. Massive wind-swept rocky plains, frozen rivers, and icy ocean beaches stun your senses with their stark, brutal magnificence. The wind freezes your nostrils, and the bone-chilling cold attacks any exposed skin.

Then, in total contrast to the elemental onslaught,the child-like warmth of the Inuit people captures your heart . They were so appreciative of our visit. They told us that “southern ministries” simply ignored them. “You’re the first,” they said. The three services were so joyful, the worship in Inuktitut so meaningful, and the response to my preaching so sincere I found myself wondering (as we do when in Africa) “who’s ministering to whom here ?” I’ll look forward to telling you more next blog.

Suffice it to say the Inuit have won our hearts.