“What’s with the new logo?” some friends have asked.

Easy answer: “Boredom!”

No. Not really. The fact is that our former logo was great for the first 12 years, but as they say, things change. We felt in moving forward we should look less “corporate” and more internet-friendly. We needed a logo that could be animated and adapted to various applications.


A number of things come to mind when we think of a circle. How about the circle as a symbol of sustainability? Perfection? Eternity? Wholeness? Or “unendingness?” (if there is such a word). And let’s not forget that the original Visionledd logo featured a globe; we had to incorporate some sort of global reference!


Have you ever sung the old Sunday School song “Jesus loves the little children?” If not, or if you are a little rusty on it, here are the lyrics: Jesus loves the little children/All the children of the world/Red and yellow black and white/They are precious in his sight/Jesus loves the little children of the world. Then there’s the more subtle nuances. Like “variability,” or “flexibility,” or “dynamism.”

But enough from me. We’ve changed it. We hope you like it and think of Visionledd and WOW every time you see the circle!

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