Have you ever given an “elevator speech”? That’s the 25 word answer you give someone on the elevator between floors when they ask you what you do.  Here’s mine : “We mobilize churches and transform communities.” If they ask for more I tell them that,” with Visionledd we call churches to care for orphans and widows and with Women for Orphans and Widows we transform communities.” By that time the elevator doors have opened, and we often stand on ground floor and talk a little longer. I let them know that Africa (right now) is where we work, and that we’ve mobilized thousands of churches through pastors conferences where we cast vision for them to take proactive action in their catchment areas…I give them an overview of WOW’s awesome impact in entire communities via boreholes, education and feeding of orphans, mobile medical clinics, training of widows in income generation, building of community centres, and the domino effect of those efforts. And I make sure they know that we do everything ” in the name of Jesus”. Usually by that time they ask, ” How do I get involved?” And I say, “Check out our website and email me “. You’re already here, so email me !