Visionledd has just held a Pastor’s Conference in Chingola, Zambia for 3,200 pastors and church leaders representing 150 churches. The theme of the conference, “A Relevant Church in the 21st Century” focused on how to promote unity in the Body of Christ, how to provide a link or a bridge between the Church and the community, how to sensitize the Church to get involved in social justice and how to fight the HIV and AIDS pandemic and address its impact.

An HIV testing and counseling mobile clinic was set up outside the church where 206 pastors and leaders lined up to be tested. This courageous move spoke volumes to those watching about the importance of knowing your status and that being HIV positive is no longer something to hide but rather something to learn how to live with. At the close of the conference, Pastor Eric Mwambelo left group with these five points, “Live for others, live for others, live for others, live for others, live for others!”