God is so good – All the time!

We had another full day, and it was a wonderful blessing to see a couple new communities that WOW is helping.

We traveled to the community of Chinya today and then onto another community called Bruneloi. In both communities gifts of garden tools, (hoes, spades, shovels, & rakes) along with seeds for vegetable planting were presented. Pastor Eric explained that these gifts were a community gift, and as their garden grew, they would be able to sell the produce and have some income. From that income they were to put 20% back into the co-op to expand their business, and the 80% profit was to be shared equally amongst the community.

It was originally planned that the community of Chinya would have a WOW Christmas Party, however, due to time restraints, the Christmas party will be held at a later date. Pastor Eric did tell the community that WOW had blessed the community by having school uniforms made by the widows of Shamabase, and the uniforms will be delivered at the time of the WOW Christmas Party.

As we drove to the last community, Twafwane, we seen some cotton fields – which, for many of the team – was a new experience. The school in the community of Twafwane, which you may recall from last year, was a community that so touched the hearts of the 2011 team that chalkboards and chalk were purchased for the school last year. (Last year they were using chalkboards that were in very poor condition and were using dried sweet potato as chalk) The new chalkboards are great, however, as we entered the classrooms we seen larger rocks, slightly larger than the size of a baseball being used as chairs for the students. This automatically brought to mind our Canadian classrooms and the differences between them.

We held a WOW Christmas party at Twafwane and the youth did a super job with their action songs and Bible Story/Play of Noah’s Ark. This was followed by distribution of gifts (School supplies, school uniform and a juice) and a dinner for the school children comprised of cabbage, rice, soup and chicken.

We left after sun-set for the long ride ‘home”’ and seen a few fires. Pastor Eric’s wife explained that the fires are sometimes set to create grazing land for the cattle – as the fire destroyed the tall dry grass, the cattle and/or goats would eat the new sprigs of grass that grow up.

August 24 – This was a day of wonderful fellowship and fun with the community of Shamabanse. As is the norm, whenever we gather together, there is a time of prayer, singing and worship. A couple young ladies on our team handed out supplies and showed the women how to make a “Salvation Bracelet” – which is plastic ties with coloured beads representing how Jesus came into the world, saved us of our sins, and the promise of eternal life. Another lady on our team taught the community women different self-defence moves as protection for themselves. The community women showed us how to prepare “African food:” which we later enjoyed together. Some others visited the piggery to see a couple of new litters that had been born over the past few days. The ladies on the team then gave each of the community women present a manicure. A totally wonderful day in which the Zambian women and the Canadian women could form a bond of friendship.

As our time draws to a close in Zambia, I would ask you continue to lift up these precious widows and orphans in your prayers, and your consideration to send a financial gift to WOW so that others may be blessed in future. In particular I think of the precious orphans – for just $25.00 you could provide a wonderful Christmas gift to a child – a gift of school supplies and a uniform – a chance for education to make their future brighter, or for $35.00/month you could support a community..

Our sincere Thanks for all your prayers and support for each member of the team, I can give a praise report that those on our team that were feeling “under the weather” have greatly improved. Please keep the team in prayer as we prepare to start our journey home – a time that is, in a way, bittersweet. I think I can safely say that each member of the team now holds Zambia in a very special place in their heart, so we will miss our friends here but, at the same time, look forward to being with our loved ones and friends at home.

Love & Blessings to you from each and every member of the Zambia Team