Another full and wonderful day in Zambia . After approximately a one hour drive, over dusty and bumpy roads, we arrived in Katuba. The team’s project for today was to paint a newly constructed school, exterior and interior walls.

Those that were on the team last year were happy to see the lovely new school that has been built, the teacher’s house, and new well, that has been added to the community since last year. In addition, Pastor Eric told about the goats that have been added to the village – it truly is wonderful to see how your support has been such a blessing to the very precious widows and orphans of Zambia.

The Katuba school is approximately 18 feet wide by 60-70 feet in length. The school has 264 students, ranging from nursery to grade 7, with 5 teachers,

While the team was painting the school, Pastor Eric’s wife, Joyce, who is a nurse held a mobile health clinic, with the assistance of a Reg,. Nurse who is on this year’s team. They seen approximately 100 patients, many of them children who had tummy worms.

It was wonderful to see everyone on the team pitching in and helping with the painting and it was wonderful to see the finished project. The school exterior was painted a lovely shade of terracotta, with black painted along the base and on the door and window frames, and the interior was painted a beige colour.

Those on the team that had never visited the Katuba garden before walked to see the garden, approximately a 20 minute walk, then a shorter return trip home by walking across a swampy river.

By the time we left the community it was approximately 6:20pm and the sun had set. As we watched Pastor Darius, who traveled from Chibanga, and was assisting in the community today got on his bicycle to begin his ride home, without any light to guide his path along the dark, narrow and dusty road I couldn’’t help think of those who do this so often and pray for God’s protection.

We did have one of our team stay “home” today with a cough, but she reports feeling much better this evening after a day of rest.

Love & Blessings to you from each and every member of the Zambia Team