It is hard to believe that today is already Friday!

This morning we traveled to Shamabanse. The purpose was to visit a hair salon and barber shop that is WOW sponsored, and to bring in supplies to do some repairs to a very faithful Kabwe Home Care worker who is aged and now in failing health. The objective was to put on a new roof on the home. This wasn’t the easiest of jobs, nor the cleanest, but it was wonderful to see how the team worked side-by-side to remove the old thatching and logs. Three of our team remained for the balance of the day to help reconstruct the new roof.

The remainder of the team went on to visit a hair salon/barber shop, which is considered to be an “Income Generating Activity”. The hair salon, sponsored by WOW, provides an opportunity for those in the community to start a business, thus providing the opportunity to become self-sufficient. A few young ladies from our team admired some of the braided hair styles, that they paid to have their hair done in braids – they looked so pretty!

Later in the afternoon there was a visit to a local market to do a bit of browsing and make a few personal purchases.

In closing, I would ask you keep the team in prayer – two from our team had to remain “home” this morning due to illness and a couple more on our team are not feeling 100%.

Love & Blessings to you from of the entire team.