The widows in Mngwangwa continue to grow, in number, spirit and love between women that share so much in common.

The number has grown from 138 in September (when the group began) to 289 (273 women and 16 men). These women come from 6 different areas like Chiponde, Nkhwanila, Chiwoko, Mtema and Mngwangwa. Some others come from Chilombo and Kalimbira.

At present the group has two maize gardens and are in preparation of starting four vegetable gardens. The purpose of the gardens is to grow vegetables, not only for sale but also to provide vegetables for the children at the centre. Within their two maize gardens, they harvested 24 bags that will be sold and the money used to buy fertilizer for the coming year. The group has decided that each vegetable garden will provide vegetables to the children at the centre once a month, thus there will be vegetables for the children weekly.

The Mngwangwa group meets at the centre every Thursday for Bible Studies. These they have done since the first meeting nine months ago, they met, read the word of God and discussed it. Now they have began learning their first IGAs. Fatimata Karbgo, taught soap making and the group was excited at the prospect of learning something new. In addition Somebody Cares has also given a gift of 4 sewing machines to the group. One of the ladies from Chilombo zone, Dorothy, has voluntarily accepted to teach sewing to those interested. Dorothy is a widow with three children (Hendrina, William and Prisca). Her husband died in 2008 in a road accident leaving her without means to care for her children. She was unable to send her children to school because she could not meet the payments for uniform, books and school fees. Hendrina passed her junior secondary school exams but was unable to continue because her mother had no money to send her into form 3. Dorothy pleaded with her brothers-in-law for help to keep her daughter in school but everyone refused to help. Even her own brothers refused to pay fees for her daughter because educating a girl in the villages is seen as pouring money into a bottomless pit…pointless. Hendrina was out of school for a year before Somebody Cares took her on as one of the ‘girl empowerment’ recipients’. Now she is back in school with dreams of becoming a nurse and helping her family. To Dorothy this was a dream come true…to see her daughter back in school and she was speechless, failing to express her thanks. So when she heard about the sewing in Mngwangwa zone she thought it wise to go and give of herself to the ministry to help other women…freely! Here was her way of at least giving some thanks to the ministry!

“I want to thank God because this is my miracle and even to my family because they thought that Hendrina had no future but God had planned her future beforehand. As for me, I will teach my fellow widows how to sew and cut. May God bless mother Theresa Malilila and Somebody Cares.”

Below is a letter from the women of Mngwangwa:


A letter from the widows of Mngwangwa

 Thank you Amai(Mother) for all you are doing. You have given us clothes, fortified porridge, fertilizer and seed, the Word of God, teachings on Rape Crisis and also sewing machines. All this we have received. We have been empowered are now going to be able to do things for ourselves. The Word of God is changing us…from day to day. The bibles we have received are helping us to learn the word for ourselves and to have a better relationship with God.

 We who are unable to read are being blessed with the Proclaimers and can hear the Word of God for ourselves. Amai, we trust and rely on you. God continue to empower you.

 Thank you very Much

 The Widows, Women and Men of Mngwangwa Group


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