Through the ministry to widows in Mgona, Somebody Cares a WOW strategic partner in Malawi, has seen many women come in desolate and despondent and after skills training, encouragement through the Word of God and plenty of care, there has been tremendous transformation in the lives of these women. Even though they are lead busy lives (in managing their business ventures), they still meet with the widows group in Mgona once a month.

Somebody Cares gave Lydia, Mary, Esnat and Jane sewing machines after completing a tailoring training. The ladies were part of a group of 15 who were trained from Mtandile, Mgona and Njewa. 5 women were picked from Mgona, the four together with the zone leader, Grace. All four have become tailors and earn money through tailoring. They are able to support their families, pay school fees for their children as well as help their parents. It is a long way from the state they were in when they came to become a part of the widows program of Somebody Cares.

One of the ladies, Lydia Gama, said “I don’t know how to express my happiness for what has happened to me, to be able to be trained to sew. My late husband was a tailor but never taught me how to sew. So when he dies I was left with no skills and no source of income. I see God through Somebody Cares for teaching me how to sew. I am so thankful to mother Malila for what she has done in us here in Mgona and I will teach many others as I come to the widows group so that they too can be changed as I was. May God bless Somebody Cares.”

Berta Chirwa is another success story. She sells groundnut flour at the local market. She buys groundnuts from the market, pounds it and sells it. Berta joined the widows group in Mgona and received a small scale loan to start a business. Today she takes care of herself and her four children through her business.

Hilda Malungo, Fanny Meleka, Emily Kamasanga and Ida Sempho all work together in a partnership to sell firewood. They take a journey into Dzalanyama Forest, which is about 40 km from Mgona and buy logs and then chop it down to size and sell it in Mgona. They are very successful as firewood is scarce in Mgona.

As ministry to the women of Mgona continues, there is hope for the newer widows as they hear and see the success of their fellow widows. Not so long ago they were all in the same predicament but today, these ladies and others are able to encourage and help their friends. There is great joy in Somebody Cares, to see the lives of those that were almost hopeless rise above and become a light in their communities!


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