Kabwe Home Based Care (KHBC), a WOW strategic partner in Kabwe, Zambia, provides regular home based care to patients suffering in their catchment areas. They visit patients twice per week, praying with them, checking and recording any new symptoms they may be ailing from, distributing medicine accordingly and doing household chores. These workers are heroes in their communities.

Miss Kandala is regularly visited by Benson and Juliet, KHBC volunteers. She is 42 years old, widowed with 3 children ages 13, 9 and 6. AIDS has ravaged her body and left her with a stomach so swollen she appears to be in late pregnancy. There is no one to work for the family to provide food, so Miss Kandala must rely on the goodness of neighbours to bring whatever they can. Because her children attend the Jasmine Community School built by Visionledd/WOW donors, she doesn’t need to provide school fees, uniforms or books as these are provided by donors like you through the WOW Christmas program. Sadly the children often go to school hungry.

KHBC volunteers are now able to provide families such as the Kandalas with weekly food packs and basic medicines but these are only supplemental to the little that families can provide on their own. Please pray that the ARVs will have a strong affect on Miss Kandala so that she may regain her health and care for her family. Often recovered AIDS patients become home based care workers themselves, giving back to their community what they once needed.

Thank you for a being a lifeline to families like the Kandalas. Without you there would be untold pain and suffering in so many homes.