Last October a team of women joined WOW on a short term mission trip to Zambia. One of the villages where the team ministered was Chibanga. The team spent the mornings teaching women to make candles and doughnuts as well as teaching them how to sew a purse or bag. The afternoons were spent going out on widow’s home visits, gathering information and photos in order to make a memory books for their families.

One Friday evening the team even spent the night sleeping in the school in Chibanaga. Earlier that evening the team partnered with Campus Crusade and showed the Jesus Film in the village’s soccer field. Campus Crusade also offered counseling for the following two days. Many came to Christ that night and it was a time that both the people of Chibanga as well as the WOW team would never forget.

Rita Prins, the director of Women for Orphans and Widows, visited Chibanga in February of 2011. The people of Chibanga had a wonderful surprise waiting for her and all the supporters that she represented on behalf of WOW. Many people from the village escorted her to an area where a small church had been established comprised of the people who gave their lives to Christ during the Jesus Film.

The new pastor wrote out his address which is posted below for WOW donors to read.


WOW missions has worked in Chibanga village for some time now and the focus has been on social justice e.g. providing education for the OVCs, empowering of widows through income generation such as gardening, goat rearing, piggery, tailoring, etc. but for the first time we saw the October 2010 WOW team bring the Gospel to our village through the Jesus Film. We can confidently say that transformation is taking place as we stand here; we are the fruit of your labour. The two day film show brought hundreds to the Lord resulting in a church plant and we stand here to that effect.


We would like to appreciate WOW and the team brought here last year in the sense that we have now come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way. Previously we indulged ourselves in beer drinking, immoral acts and African traditions that are contrary to the word of God. Words fail us to express ourselves and we cannot say thank you enough. Only God will reward you someday. The biggest gift you have brought to our village is the Gospel which surpasses all the gifts you have given to us in the past.

It is our prayer that WOW will not abandon the baby it helped birth. In fact I have never seen a mother abandon her baby. We look forward to a lasting relationship particularly in the area of discipleship. One of the things many people in this village lack are bibles and discipleship materials. In this regard, we make a humble request for discipleship tools as mentioned already.


  •  150 adults signed decision cards indicating the desire to accept Jesus Christ during the two day Jesus film.
  • The church was successfully planted on Zambia’s Independence Day by the WOW mission team.
  • There is a reduction in drunkardness, immoral acts and other evil acts.
  • Many people have been reached with the Gospel by those who gave their lives to the Lord during the crusade.
  • A church plot has been acquired and after the rains we intend to put up a mud and thatched building to house the souls that were won to the Lord.
  • Your daughter, Rita, gave her life to the Lord during the crusade and we treat her as our member in Chilapula Village.


We cannot buy salvation, but in appreciation to your labour the church has a special gift to give WOW and the 2010 WOW team. (WOW was presented with a chicken.) It is our prayer that you pass this appreciation to the entire team that came here. Twatotela sana. Thank you very much.

One man also stood up to share his testimony. His name is Philip Chikampama. He told the congregation that he was one of the people who watched the Jesus Film. The next day he went for counseling and asked to be part of a church. He gave his life the Christ and was prayed for. Since that time he has been following Jesus whole heartedly.

He described how he had been addicted to alcohol for 16 years and would repeatedly leave his wife and their 10 children for long periods of time. Now he is delivered from that force and his family is restored. He publically thanked his wife for receiving him back and admitted that many wives would not have done the same.

Philip gave praise to the Lord because he is no longer enslaved to alcohol and shared how grateful he was to be a part of this new church.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!