The Njewa Shed has received a face lift…bringing a new look to it by repainting and plastering it. The Shed has been given a new coat of peach paint on the inside and out, the roof has also been repaired and the floor given a chalkboard checkered floor painting. In addition to this the children have each received sticks of chalk and dusters. For the first time, they are all able to write on the floor, mimicking their teacher as she teachers them the basics of the alphabet and number.

The children in Njewa are full of excitement at the new look some said, “We will learn in a good school and will be able to write using chalk just like our teacher”, said one little girl. Jane Meja, the class head teacher, could not hide her excitement and thanks to Somebody Cares Ministries and its partners. “The shed is looking beautiful, more than before. And my chalkboard has been enlarged as well. Also, I was just wondering what was going on, with the floor but now I see it! It is awesome and has increased the quality of learning for my children. It is amazing. Somebody out there really cares for the people. Who can do all this for someone they don’t know?”

What a joy it is to see children given the opportunity to write and learn. With the chalk floor, Jane Meja and her assisting caregivers are able to improve the quality of education given to the little ones. This will give them an advantage as they go from the feeding centre to standard 1. The name given to the children that are cared for through Somebody Cares is ‘Children of Promise” and they surely are. God’s promise. With all that they face, these little ones can smile while they draw and learn and are fed. Even though the little ones cannot say it, we say it…thank you for your love and support.