My name is Margaret Gwiliza and I was born on January 10th, 1942. I lost my husband on July 27th, 1990 and I also lost my two children, both girls, in 2002 and 2006. Together they left their 9 children, four and five in their different families without anyone to look after them. The responsibility now belonged to me. It was a very big responsibility for me as an elderly person to take care of 9 grand children. I do not have the opportunity to make money to feed my family. I just live day to day barely able to look after myself.

I felt some relief when I was accepted into the widows program with WOW in partnership with Kawale Orphan Care Religious Committee (KOCARECO). The program provided support for me in the business support program. This program began in order to support widows with funds to begin an income generating activity and also paying school fees for orphans of this area of which some of the beneficiaries are my three grandchildren. Crispin has written his Malawi School of Education Certificate, Nita and Rebecca are also working very hard at school.

I thank JESUS because of this wonderful gift.

I have been empowered to choose any small scale business to conduct so that I can begin to help my family and I chose to sell charcoal. With a small amount of capital which I received from WOW through Kawale Orphan Care Religious Committee I am now able to buy and sell enough charcoal to supplement enough food to feed my family each day. I thank GOD so much for His provisions.

There are many, many widows who are in need of this same type of support. Please continue to extend your helping hand to people like us so that we can wake up each day with hope for tomorrow.

Thank you for giving me a chance as a widow to explain my views on this program and to thank you for your help.

Yours in Jesus name,

Margaret Gwiliza