Chibanga is truly a transformed community. Just a few years ago this was a community with little hope but God has awakened the hearts of many people in Chibanga and now the orphans and widows are experiencing the love of God through them. Widows are being empowered through income generating activities such as sewing, gardening and goat rearing. Children who once attended a community school made of a mud walls and a leaking thatched roof are now learning in a strong brick two roomed school with a steel roof.Children have received a school uniform made by the widows of Chibanga, books and materials to study as well as desks and chairs. Teachers are receiving small incentives and the children are receiving one meal each school day which enables them to retain more of what they are being taught.

WOW recently visited Chibanga and what a joy it was to pray with the entire community and celebrate what God has done. During our visit we were greeted by the school headmaster and he shared these words of thanks.

Welcome Visionledd and WOW, village headwoman, village productivity committee, PTA committee, ladies and gentlemen. Today marks yet another important day in the life of Chibanga Community. We are graced with the presence of our great founding fathers and mothers from Kabwe Home Based Care and Elder Canada (Visionledd/WOW). In all truth I can clearly see how far our school is heading because previously we only had a vision.

What we once imagined has become a reality. Elder Canada (Visionledd/WOW) has further boasted the progress of our school by providing educational books, desks and chalkboards. This indicates the true spirit with which Kabwe Home Based Care and Visionledd/WOW is working. All in all, I can only pray that our great Lord, the Father of all, continue blessing us in the like manner. With these few words I sincerely thank God for the big transformation and progress going on here. Thank you.

Later we visited the goat rearing project and inspected the goat shelter as well as the caretaker’s new house. Chief Eleness Chilupula, explained how all 15 goats would remain together in the shelter until baby goats arrive – it is possible for goats to conceive twice in a year. After some time a goat will be given to a widow and her children when the family will decide what to do with the goat. They will either wait for another goat to help multiply this project or sell the goat for meat and funds. Some goats will always be kept in the main shelter so that the entire goat project will continue. Occasionally a goat will be sold from the group to help pay for medicines and any needed transport. We were pleased to see how healthy these goats were.


WOW also had the opportunity to address the Chief and the entire community of Chibanga to discuss what they would like to invest in for the next quarter of the year. Needs are always identified by the community and programs which help meet these needs are discussed between the community, our strategic partners like Kabwe Home Based Care and WOW. Together funds are prayerfully directed to be used in the most efficient and effective way which will meet the needs of orphans and widows in Chibanga. You, the donor, are a very important part of this partnership. It is your prayers and donations which help communities like Chibanga undergo transformation.

Other communities are seeing what is happening in Chibanga. They see what God has done by lifting up the orphan and widows and these communities are beginning to do the same with the little they have. They are experiencing the truth that loving one another through Christ is at the heart of transformation.