Today I visited I visited Shekinah Glory Community School & the coordinator of the school Teresa Ng’oma. I probed her a little more than the last few times I visited and found that she was the impetus for the school. The first time I met her she was running the school in a rundown 2 room house with a lot of water around it.

Now she has a beautiful building with 2 classrooms and an office in a new area. Teresa lost her husband 4 years ago. He was an elder in the church and a school teacher as well. She has 5 children. The second oldest is married to Pastor Otis Mende.

Teresa has a full time government school job as a senior teacher responsible for 15 teachers. In her spare time she coordinates the 4 volunteer teachers at Shekinah Glory, buys supplies for the school & pays, out of her own pocket, for the guard who watches over the school.

She has 2 formally trained teachers & the 2 others assist teaching the 75 students in grades 1-7. To get into grade 8 the students must pass a proficiency test. All of her students passed this year.

Teresa has a passion for Jesus and integrates biblical teaching throughout her curriculae. She is also passionate about excellence in education she is the finest coordinator of all the community schools I know.

A year ago they didn’t have a roof on their new school. We put one on, but during a heavy rainstorm the roof was blown off while still under construction. Teresa cried!

We were able to restore the roof, but then there were threats by the city that the school must close because there were no latrines and no water. The latrines are now in and the borehole pumps out fresh clean water that will also serve the community & the vegetable gardens they will soon put in.

Teresa related that people in the community are saying, “What God are you worshiping! Each time there are new things.”

She gives the glory to God and is grateful for all those that have come alongside to help.

This Sunday she speaks in the church, which runs out of the school, as an interim pastor.

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