imageThe Pastors from Kawale Orphan Care (a WOW strategic partner in Malawi) have been diligently using a portion of WOW funding for the Kawale   community to put towards building a permanent “Life Center” in the heart of Kawale. This Life Center will act as a venue where many community enhancing programs will take place. Here is where orphaned and vulnerable children will be feed, cared for and protected. It is the headquarters and meeting place for Home Based Care volunteers. It will run programs such as adult literacy classes, bible studies, pastoral training, support group meetings for People Living With AIDS (PLWA) and income generating programs for teens and widows.

The Life Center is nearly complete as only the roof needs to be closed in, the floors need to be poured and widows and doors need to be installed. WOW has already purchased an energy efficient rocket stove which can now be safely stored and used in the centre.

Recently the Kawale pastors had interviewed two of the widows participating in the income generating programs. Mrs Ndelemani cooks nsima (a Malawian staple food which is made from ground corn) and rice with beans and sell them to the people at the Kawale Market when they are going to their homes. She sells from 6pm to 8pm. Here is her story in her own words.



“I was born 1954. My husband died on March 11, 2007. I had six children and four died in consecutive years. Now I am keeping 7 grand children plus my two remaining children. I started business in 1990 before my husband died with the very small capital of MK7.00 (~$0.05 CAD). On March 19, 2008 I got MWK 5000 (~$36.00 CAD) from the WOW program and this has boosted my business. I received the second money MWK10,000 (~$72.00 CAD) on August 5, 2008. The business is doing fine, although I meet with some challenges of the food price becoming higher every day. With the business I have managed to rebuild the house of one of my grand children whose parents have both passed away. The Kawale group has also told us well how to do business and to save the profit and according to Pastor Kubwalo I am doing the best in saving than my fellow widows. I thank God for that.

On behalf of my fellow widows I would like to ask WOW to continue supporting us. I want God to bless those who are giving out to help us widows of Lilongwe, MALAWI.”

Mrs. Saidi sells groundnuts flour to the ladies who come the Kawale Market. Pastor Kabwalo shares that “when the women cook vegetables they mix in the flour and the taste is very good. That makes really tasty Malawian food that you don’t need to add cooking oil.” She starts her business at 8am and finishes at 5pm. Mrs. Aisyatu Saidi shares her story:

“I come from Phodo village, T.A. Bvumbwe, Thyolo district southern part of Malawi. My husband passed away on July 16, 1997 at Kawale, Lilongwe. I have 7 children five boys and 2 girls. When he died I had a lot of problems like no food on the table for the children and no school fees for the children.

But now my life is changing because I started a small scale business through WOW funds. I am able to have food and to pay school fees for the children. This program is also promoting us to know how to save the profits. Thank you and may God bless WOW for your support.”