imageMany blessings have been showered on the small village of Chibanga this year. Finally the school in Chibanga has been completed and this is the day everybody was waiting for. The happiness due to the completion of the school did not only affect the kids but even adults, simply because their children will now learn in a conducive place. To express their happiness, kids participated in construction by ferrying bricks on their heads to the construction site. Other kids were busy drawing the pump on the well which was drilled recently beside the school. Now children will have fresh water to drink and only need to step outside their classroom to receive it.

To appreciate what Visionledd has done through the WOW program, the Chibanga community through their head-woman have decided to change the name of the school from Muluduma Community School to Little Canada Community School. The Chibanga Communty wishes to convey their thanks to the special donors for the funds they released for the construction of this school.

Thank you on behalf of the Chibanga Community and WOW.