We mobilize the
Church to care for
Orphans and Widows


Our Vision

A world where the Church is actively ministering to orphans, widows and the vulnerable.


In 1999 Jim and Kathy Cantelon incorporated Visionledd (now known as WOW – “Working for Orphans & Widows” with a vision to mobilize the churches of Africa to care for orphans and widows impacted by HIV and AIDS. They saw the Church, both in North America (as funding source) and in Africa (as delivery mechanism), as the critical champions in the fight to care for “the least of these” dying from this devastating pandemic. Because of a long history of engagement with African churches when pastoring King of Kings Church in Jerusalem, Jim was ideally suited to bring the biblical call of righteousness and justice to the pastors’ network he had established in the 1980’s.
For the past 18 years WOW’s impact has grown to encompass thousands in Africa, both as victims of the pandemic, and champions of care in the name of Jesus. The main focus of this unique ministry is “Home Based Care” (HBC) for those infected and affected by HIV. Today WOW is seen as a major player in “visiting orphans and widows in their distress” (James 1:27).

WOW communicates a biblical message of righteousness and justice to African pastors and leaders. Through training, local champions learn to use existing resources to care for the vulnerable in their communities. Once a commitment to serve orphans & widows has been demonstrated, we support local leaders with programs and resources to build their capacity and expand the impact of their work. “The Church must be a threat to injustice.” Theresa Malila WOW Partner, Malawi 


Our promise to you: Your generous support is disbursed with integrity.


WOW has a singular focus: “visiting orphans and widows in their distress”(James 1:27) with a view to playing our part in God’s commitment to be “Father to the fatherless and defender of widows”(Psalm 68:5). Our calling, therefore, is to provide Home Based Care (HBC) to the vulnerable and dying – the “least of these” as Jesus put it (Matthew 25:40-45).  
Our funding is focussed on several vital areas of need attached to HBC such as medicine, food security, twice weekly visits from trained church-based volunteers, transport to clinics and hospitals when needed, food security and bicycles for volunteers, and regular monitoring and evaluation. It is comprehensive and bathed in consistent prayer. Indeed, our ministry is predicated on both teaching and practising the love of God for the “weakest link”.
Currently we are involved in long term ministry to South Africa, Malawi, and Zambia, with a new effort in South India. Everything we do is engaged with local churches and dedicated to community transformation.
Most, but not all, of our volunteers are women, many of them vulnerable widows themselves. A critical feature of our care is the mitigation of gender-based violence. Every church in our ministry orbit has become a champion of young women and girls.
We operate modestly but effectively and have done so for over 20 years. An audited financial statement is available on request.
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